Best ways freelancer make money and travelling 2018


Everyone love travelling and when you get to pay that becomes your passion to travel more will be discussing the best ways freelancer make money and travellingin 2018

Travelling around the world is the passion of an individual moreover it becomes a trend today many people quit their full-time jobs and adopting freelancer work make money and exploring the destinations and becoming full-time traveller have made a decent amount of money. There are ample opportunities available So asking yourself what is your passion. If you are stilling thinking. I will be sharing with you Best Jobs that pay you to travel. However, you need an initial investment to start any of the following projects.

1 ) Travel Photographer:- Travel photography Is one of the highest paying Job in the world in 2018 and it makes you travel and make an awesome of money going from one destination to another etc
Travel Photograph includes tourist attractions location, outdoor local cultures, Sightseeing, scenery etc, You could start working with a media company or Advertisement agency for there projects moreover to sell your pics online and make a decent amount of money.
If travelling is your passion and you don’t have good photography skill you could consider learning.
Check below websites.
c )
There are few best websites for freelance works you could search according to your interest.

2) Affiliate Marketing:- Affiliate marketing is the process in which a company pays you a certain percentage commission.

I will tell you how it works.

The company provide URL(Uniform Resource Locator) In a simple word a web address which you can put it on your website pages and if their product gets sold by your website

You will start making money.

It is the great source of earning a lot of money.

You don’t require special skill to become an affiliate all you need is a traffic on your website.

Some Website you could sign in for this program.


b) Shopify

c) Amazon Associates

d) CJ Affiliate by Conversant

e) Printify


3) Youtuber ( Making a video on Trending ) Famous Youtubers are one of the Recognise personality on the youtube. There are tonnes of people making a huge amount of money with there wether making videos about games, News, everyday life (vlogs), Travel etc.

Steps could be considered
1 ) Pick a Niche( Could be your passion or trending however you focus could be on one thing)
2) Your content is the king ( Show what customer is looking eg how to, Viral, Or News )
3) Always ready for the feedback
4) Follow famous youtube for your personal growth.

4) Web developer:- If you’re familiar with the web developer concept you can earn around the world. In order to get work, you could register with the freelance websites with onshore or offshore clients, List your advertisement with Classified Website, Yellowpages or promote your own website. Always upgrade your knowledge and be innovate.

4) Blogging:- In order to make money through Blog, you need a good amount of organic traffic on the blog then you Monetize your blog to make money.

5) Online trading :- As Famous Speak says Money make money. simply you need money to earn that.
– So first Join any trading company to understand the concept.
– Check marketing Trending
– Study about the company
– Opt for a trading website
– Keep your self-updated.

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