Call for Mercy | Go Vegan

Call for Mercy | Go Vegan


Why are we doing Call for Mercy and why we encourage people to go vegan 



Call for Mercy | Go Vegan | Delhi




Call for Mercy | Go Vegan | Delhi

Let me share brief introduction about Call for Mercy is dedicated to stopping cruelty to farmed animals and promoting plant-based vegan diet. As per Animal equality, Every year Over 56 billions of farmed animals Including Goats, cows, Sheeps Pigs, Chicken etc slaughter painful death by humans the most shocking part is that it do not include sea creature and fish.

Animal Activist Outside KFC india with placard says powerful message

This was the biggest silent protest ever happened in India with 71 cities participated made dated  27th may 2018. Activists across India from different cities had joined and made this outreach successful by creating an awareness about the cruelty that what is actually happening with the voiceless innocent beautiful animals


Outside KFC w hile doing silent protest on call for mercy cause for animals

This Place which we picked for outreach was Connaught place Delhi and were chosen the outlets which cause more harms to the animals.

Call fo Mercy | Outreach | Vegan

A lot of Vegan animal Activists joined and made this cause successfu

call for mercy call for mercyl.calll for mercy calll for mercy








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