Vegan Outreach  | India

Vegan Outreach | India


An outreach to promote veganism and stop animal cruelty | India

 An outreach is an activity to talk to people educate them to stop animal cruelty and adopt a vegan lifestyle.

Spread an Awareness that animals are not meant for human use and encourage to go vegan for health, Environment, Animals, Compassion by Delhi Vegan for animal liberation following things are considering.

  • Vegan outreach is an activity that performs by Animal activists to spread information

  • This concept came originally from Ohio Cincinnati US Year 1993 and was founded by Matt and Jack (Click at the tab) Vegan Outreach For Animals

  • Different Animal NGO’ involve in this to spread awareness FIAPO, PETA

  • Awarenes outreach usually perform at outside malls, metro stations , the busy markets, Colleges, Schools Outside Stores, Cafe etc to show the truth of animal cruelty via video footage.

  • Another form to make people aware is through Distributing potent booklets & pamphlet  which talks about adopt Veganism and  alternative vegan options.

  • Human born to be a herbivore they can serve on plant based diet.

  •  Outreach talks about cruelty and veganism because Everyone on this planet has the equal rights to live so why choosing an animal for our purpose.

 (Delhi Vegan for Animal Liberation)
Anuragini from Delhi Group


All this cruelty comes from Different industries where animal are getting torture

Cows only lactate when they give birth to calf similarily goes to all mammals like human moms they carry their child for 9 months, then start to lactate for them however in today’s scenarios dairy cows produce milk to feed humans and humans, and demand are expanding drastically Eventually, all the newborn dairy calves are taken away from their mother within 24 hours of birth. They are artificial insemination and coercively impregnated year after year to produce milk for humans. (Male calf send to slaughterhouses for leather and beef and female calf use to become pregnant soon to produce milk and join the milking mob and to maximise the value of money they spent on the animal. These are the common practices going on the dairy industries apparently Showing the real truth give more impact on an outreach.

When you look at the eyes of the animals you only pain torture brutality etc

Horrors in India’s Dairy Industry- Hindi

PETA India’s undercover investigation of several dairy farms revealed shocking cruelty to cows and buffaloes.

Video by Earthing Ed


Where does leather come from? How is it acquired? In part two of this mini-series we’ll explore the cruelty in the leather industry, looking at cow leather and also leather acquired from exotic animals – as well as focussing on the environmental and ethical impacts effecting animals and humans alike.

Egg/ Chicken Industries

Egg Industry In 60 Seconds

Chicks are born in large incubators and never get the chance to see their mothers. Chick sexers separate the male and female chicks. Because males are of no use to the industry, they are suffocated or ground up alive. The female chicks will have their beaks cut off and will then be crammed into tiny cages or overcrowded sheds.

Meat Industries

Cruel Treatment of Baby Chicks in the Indian Egg and Meat Industries Without Narration

अगर आपको लगता है कि यह गलत है तो यह वीङियो शेयर करे !

Animal Testing labs

Behind the Locked Doors of Dog Laboratories in the U.S. and France

Video footage from laboratories in the U.S. and France reveals the suffering of dogs who are deliberately bred to develop crippling muscle diseases.

Contact Mr Raghav Mishra 9910728679 to join the group


When you do an outreach on the streets you don’t know who you’re going to meet.

Delhi vegan outreach
An Activist Yatish showing How dairy industries treat animals

When we had chat with the non-vegan person and they were really outraged with what we were convincing. Because they had not seen that truth in the past. It was nothing but the truth how an animal is penalised daily for a human sake. We’ve all been indoctrinated to think that eating animals is an individual choice. It’s no longer individual when another sentient living being is exploited, objectified and murdered.

vegan outreach by delhi vegan


Please consider veganism for your own health, the Animals, the planet, the environment.

vegan outreach by delhi vegan

List of some Groups in India for outreach

  • Delhi Vegan for animal liberation

  • Animal Liberation Mumbai

  • Dharamshala Vegans Movement

  • Bengaluru brigade for  animal liberation

  • Tamil Vegan Movement

  • Pune Vegan outreach

  • Hyderabad Vegans

To connect with above groups Check there respective pages on Facebook

I have added few links below if someone wants to join them for any outreachs, animal volunteer work or want to do donation you can check the websites below

Anonymous for the Voiceless 

Animal Aid Unlimited 

Animal Equality

Aussie Farms

Mercy for Animals


Join the hand with an outreach group in our city and spread awareness and tell the benefit of being a vegan

Next event Call for mercy 71 cities in India.


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